COMP 333 — Lab Assignment 3


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The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply Python and pandas for data wrangling.
It builds on Lab 8 where you used OpenRefine to wrangle ecological data. Here you want to
think about how to program those steps of data wrangling using Python and pandas.
You should test out your code using the ecological data as done in Lab 8.
Create a Jupyter notebook using Python code and any of its libraries, but especially pandas,
to wrangle the ecological data of Lab 8.
Think about each step of the wrangling, and if there is not a direct function in pandas (or
a Python library) for the step, then structure your code by defining a Python function for
the step.
Test your code by applying it to wrangle the ecological data.
The wrangling may benefit from applying DDA (Descriptive Data Analysis) using your code
from Lab Assignment 2.
Your deliverable is the completed ipynb notebook showing all code, computation, output,
and plots.