COMP 248 Assignment 1


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Question 1 – Display a message (2 pts)
Write a complete Java program that displays the following output exactly as in the sample
output in Figure 1 below. You are to use a single System.out.println() statement to
output the message. There is no need to declare any variables for this question and this
question does not require a header before the message
Welcome to my First Java program!
The statement System.out.println(“Hello”); will display
Hello then move the cursor to the next line while the statement
System.out.print(“Hello”); will display
Hello and the cursor will stay on the same line.
All Done!
Figure 1 – Sample output screen for Question 1
Question 2 – String variables and use of String methods. (4 points)
Write a complete Java program which prompts the user for a string with 3 words each
separated by a single space and reads the line into one String variable using nextline(). Extract
each word and add them to a new String variable in reverse order with a space between the
words. Have the 1st letter of the new string in upper case and all other strings in lower case
letter. Display the new string.
Figure 2 is a sample output to illustrate the expected behaviour of your program. Your program
should work for any input, not just the one in the sample below. The text in green is user input
Restrictions: The use of loops of any kind is not allowed for this question.
Question 3 – User input & selection (8 points)
a) You are given a Java program (without comments and non descriptive variable names)
which reads two integer times in military format (0900, 1750) and prints the number of
hours and minutes between the two times. The program in file
assumes that the times are valid times and that the first time entered (starting time) is
less than the second time (ending time). Your task is to understand what this program
does, to change the variable names to names that will indicate what they contain, to
prompt the user for inputs, to add comments to the program and to indent it properly.
You are not to change the logic of the code.
b) Copy your modified program from part a) of this question into a second file and modify
the second program so that:
– If the starting time is less than or equal the ending time, it will calculate the elapsed
time and display it. (This is the code from part a) of this questions)
– If the starting time is greater than the ending time it will perform the required
calculation. Note this means that the event is starting on one day and ended on the
next day. For example, if the event started at 2355 and ended at 0001, then the
elapsed time is 0 hours and 6 minutes.
– In both cases there should also be a message indicating what period of the day the
event started and ended. Here is the classification to use:
\\ String Splitter Program
Enter 3 words separated by a blank:
Programming orienTED OBJECT
Words in reverse order:
Object oriented programming
All done!!!
Figure 2 – Sample output for Question 2
if the time is before 0600, then it is the middle of the night
if the time is ≥ 6000 and less than 1200 it is in the morning
if the time is ≥ 1200 and less than 1800 it is during the day
if the time is ≥ 1800 then it is in the evening.
– It ends by displaying a closing message.
You can assume a perfect user who will enter valid times in military format.
Following are a couple of screen shots to illustrate the expected behavior of your program.
Figure 3- Sample output where starting time is greater than ending time
Figure 4- Sample output where starting time is less than ending time
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Submitting Assignment 1
1. Compress the source codes (the .java file only please) of this assignment together into
one file following the following naming convention:
The zip file should be called a#_studentID, where # is the number of the assignment and
studentID is your student ID number.For example, for the first assignment, student
123456 would submit a zip file named
You will have 4 .java files to submit for this assignment
2. Upload your compressed file using the appropriate assignment link in the Assessment
3. NOTE: The only compressed file format we accept is .ZIP.
No .RAR files are accepted.
Evaluation Criteria for Assignment 1 (20 points)
Source Code
Comments for all 3 questions (3 pts.)
Description of the program (authors, date, purpose) 1 pts.
Description of variables and constants 1 pt.
Description of the algorithm 1 pts.
Programming Style for all 3 questions (3 pts.)
Use of significant names for identifiers 1 pt.
Indentation and readability 1 pt.
Welcome Banner or message/Closing message 1 pt.
Question 1 (2 pts.)
Display text using a SINGLE System.out.println() 2 pts.
Question 2 ( 4 pts.)
Read text into one variable of type String 1 pt.
Extract the 3 words 1.5 pts.
Display in reverse order in requested format 1.5 pts.
Question 3 ( 8 pts.)
Part a) 3 pts 3 pts.
Part b) 5 pts
Calculate elapsed time when starting time > ending time 2 pts.
Display period of the day for starting & ending time 3 pts.
TOTAL 20 pts.