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The purpose of this homework is to experiment with histogram modification and color processing
Your program should be able to do the following:

1. Histogram modification [4 points]

 Add histogram stretching for grey level images to your choice of options
 Stretching is defined by user provided intensity range parameters (a, b): stretch the intensities in the range between
a and b on the input image to the range of 0 to 255 as output. [0,a] -> 0, [a,b] -> [0,255], [b,255] -> 255

o Your program should apply the procedure within ROI (up to three ROI as Hw1)
o Generate image of the histograms for the ROI before and after the procedure, this is good for debugging
and illustrations
 Test your program on some grey level images
 [extra credit – 1 points] Implement general bilinear histogram stretching (parameters of input [a,b], and of output
[c,d]) and discuss performance. [0,a]->[0,c], [a,b]->[c,d] and [b,255]->[d,255]

2. Implement Optimal thresholding algorithm (as discussed in class) [3 points]

 Implementation should be within ROIs
 Initialize threshold using median (in ROI) value
 Test on several grey scale images and ROIs

3. Combining image analysis operations [3 points]

 Combine histogram stretching with optimal thresholding by
 Performing optimal thresholding within ROI. That will segment ROI into two subregions: Background and

 Apply histogram stretching to Background and Foreground separately and combine in one image
 For histogram stretching use a=min_intensity in the subregion and b=max_intensity in the subregion
 Test on several grey scale images and ROIs
 [extra credit – 1 point] Perform histogram stretching on both I and S components. How about including all three
I, S and H components? Experiment.

Make sure that you have complete report for this assignment (not just few comments).
 Include input and output images (use several gray level images).
 Discuss performance of histogram processing on grey level images.
 Discuss performance of the thresholding algorithm.
 Discuss performance of combined algorithm.

How to submit
• Submit paper report in class on the due date
• See TA help desk for instruction on program submission and testing.