CAP 4401 – IMAGE PROCESSING Assignment 2




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The purpose of this homework is to experiment with histogram modification and color processing
Your program should be able to do the following:

1. Histogram modification [5 points]

• Add histogram stretching for grey level images to your choice of options
• Stretching is defined by user provided range parameters: [0,a]->0, [a,b]->[c,d], [b,255]->255
• Your program should
o apply the procedure within ROI (up to three non-overlapping ROI)
o generate display of the histograms for the ROI before and after the procedure, this is good for debugging
and illustrations
• Test your program on some grey level images

2. Color processing [5 points]

• Apply histogram stretching to R,G,B components independently and to all three, experiment and discuss
• Add color conversion capability to your program (RGB <-> HSI)
• Add color histogram stretching by applying it to the I component, then convert back to RGB for display
• Compare utilization of RGB vs HSI for color histogram processing.

• [extra credit – 2 point] Perform histogram stretching on both I and S components. How about including all
three I, S and H components? Experiment.
Make sure that you have complete report for this assignment (not just few comments).

• Include input and output images (use several gray level and several color images as appropriate).
• Discuss performance of histogram processing on grey level images.
• Discuss performance of your implementation on color images. Discuss performance in RGB and HSI domains.
Support your conclusions by examples. Discuss extra credit portion as appropriate.

How to submit
• Submit paper report in class on the due date
• See TA help desk for instruction on program submission and testing.