C490 Homework #8


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Text book, pp180, Exercise 5.7, Road Sign Quiz App. Note, when you collect the
images for the road signs, you do not have to include all the signs defined in the
government site (http://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/shsm_interim/index.htm), which might take a
lot of time. But you should try to include signs from all the categories. Snapshot your
test-run, copy source code (java code and major XML files), and paste them in your


– Submit your source code (zip your project folder for each programming project) to
Canvas (using the “Assignments” function).
– Submit a hard copy of your code and test-run output (or screenshot), your test-run
should be comprehensive.
– Make sure that you follow the “Assignment_style-guideline_C490” or you might lose
Points: : Scale to replace your lowest score on percentage
Due Date: : August 5th (8:00am) Optional
Submissions: : Canvas and hardcopy