Assignment 6 Parking Garage


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CSCI 340 – Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis Data Structure: Stack, Deque
Programming Focus: STL Stack, STL Deque Parking Garage The Scratchemup Parking Garage contains a single lane that holds up to ten cars. Cars arrive at the south end of the garage and leave from the north end. If a customer arrives to pick up a car that is not the northernmost, all cars to the north of the car moved out, the car is driven out, and the other cars are restored in the same original order. Write a program in C++ ( that reads a group of input lines. Each line contains an A for arrival or a D for departure, which is terminated by a :, and a license plate number, which is terminated by a :. The program should print a message each time a car arrives or departs. When a car arrives, the message should specify when the garage is full. If there is no room for a car, the car simply leaves. When a car departs, the message should include the number of times the car was moved within the garage, including the departure itself but not the arrival. When a car arrives when the garage is not full, create an instance of the car class that contains an id number (starts with 1), the license plate number, and the number of times the car was moved within the garage (with initial value 0), and insert this object into an STL deque container. For a departure, you need to check if the car is in the garage. If it’s not, print an error message and ignore the departure. If it is in the garage then delete the corresponding car object from the deque while retaining the same order of all the other cars. To save the original ordering of the cars that are moved out from the deque to open the way for a departing car, define a STL stack container to temporarily put the moved cars in the stack, and after the departing car is removed, retrieve all cars from the stack and put them back into the deque into their original positions. Programming Notes: Write a main() to read the transaction records from stdin, parse them by calling get_input_vals(), and process an arrival or departure based on the value of the transaction code by calling the appropriate method on a garage object (that should be a variable in your main().) void get_input_vals(const std::string &line, char &xact_type, std::string &license) This is a helper function that extracts the individual components from the input line line, where act indicates if the line corresponds to an arrival or a departure event, and license is the license plate number of the arriving/departing car. Put this in the file along with main(). For hints on parsing strings, consider the ideas in this Stack Overflow Article ( To keep all necessary information for a car, define a class: class car { public: car(int id, const std::string &license) : id(id), license(license) {} /// Call this to increment the number of times the car has been moved. void move(); /// @return the number of times that the car has been moved. int get_num_moves() const; /// @return A reference to the license for this car. const std::string &get_license() const; /** * Overload the << so this can print itself as: * Car X with license plate “Y” ******************************************************************/ friend std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& lhs, const car& rhs); private: int id; ///< The ID number for this car (assigned by the garage) std::string license; ///< license plate of this car. int num_moves = {0}; ///< how many times the car was moved within the garage. }; To manage the garage’s parking lot, create a garage class: class garage { public: garage(size_t limit = 10) : parking_lot_limit(limit) {} /// @param license The license of the car that has arrived. void arrival(const std::string &license); /// @param license The license of the car that has departed. void departure(const std::string &license); private: int next_car_id = { 1 }; std::deque parking_lot; size_t parking_lot_limit; }; void garage::arrival(const std::string &license) Create a car object and use it to print itself as part of a message announcing its arrival. If the garage is already full of cars (as defined by parking_lot_limit) then print a message so indicating that fact (see the reference output.) If the garage is not already full then add the car to the parking_lot deque. void garage::departure(const std::string &license) Check each of the car elements in the parking_lot deque to see if any of them have the given license. If no such car is found then print a message stating that “the garage is full” (see the reference output for specific formatting.) Otherwise (the car has been found), move the car elements that are in the way (that are closer to the exit) one at-a-time out of the deque and into a std::stack (increasing the number of times each have been moved along the way) and then: Remove the car with the given license from the parking_lot deque Print the removed car’s information and the fact that it has departed and the number of times it has been moved (plus 1 for the departure!… see reference output for formatting.) Move all the cars in the stack back into the deque so that they remain in the same order that they were before. Create a Makefile that builds an executable parking. To test your program, execute your program as ./parking < Save the output from your program into a file named parking.out and add it to your repository. You can find the correct output of this program in the file parking.refout in your repository. You can compare two output files by executing diff parking.refout parking.out. Assignment Notes: Create and include headers as appropriate for each class. You are not allowed to use any I/O functions from the C library, such as scanf or printf. Instead, use the I/O functions from the C++ library, such as cin or cout. Do not use the erase() member function on the deque object. Do not create any global constants. Add documentation to the appropriate source files as discussed in your class. Prepare your Makefile (you need to construct and add Makefile) so that the TA only needs to invoke the command make to compile your source file and produce the executable file parking. Make sure you use exactly the same file names specified here, i.e. and parking, in your Makefile, otherwise your submission will get 0 points. When your program is ready for grading, commit and push your local repository to remote git classroom repository and follow the Assignment Submission Instructions.