Assignment 3 ENSF 608 


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Question Narrative

The directors of an annual music competition have decided to organize their participants using a
The competitors must be at least 5 years old and may be no older than 18. They are registered by their
teacher, and all teachers belong to a studio. Guardian information is stored for each participant.

Competitors must perform an approved piece of music from the composition catalog. Each composition
has a genre and may only be played for a competition category of the same genre.

Competitors are entered into a competition category. Each competition has an assigned date, time,
genre, and minimum/maximum participation age. Performers earn a score out of 100 for each
composition that they perform in a particular category.

A file called music_competition.sql has been provided for your use in this assignment. Execute this
file in MySQL Workbench to build and populate the schema.

SQL Queries (20 marks)

Create a new .sql script to write your solutions to the questions below. Use comments to provide any
requested written answers.
1. Write a query to list all student names (first and last) and the name of the music studio that they
belong to (1 mark).

2. Write a query to count how many students belong to each music studio group (1 mark).

3. Write a query to count how many teachers belong to each music studio group (1 mark).

4. Write a query to list the last name of all teachers who have more than one student registered in
the competition (1 mark).

5. Write a query to list all student names (first and last) who are performing in Romantic genre
category, along with the title of their chosen composition (2 marks).

6. Students may choose to play any of the compositions from their category’s genre. Not all
compositions are currently being played in a category, and some compositions are being played
multiple times by different students. Write a query to list all possible compositions and which
categories they are currently being performed in (2 marks).

7. The competition organizers have hired a team to analyze the performance results. The external
team do not have permission to view all of the data. Create a view called SCORE_ANALYSIS that
only lists the ages of each competitor and their final performance score (1 mark).

8. Display the rows of SCORE_ANALYSIS from the highest score to the lowest score (1 mark).

9. Write a query to find the highest score, the lowest score, and the average score using

10. The competition organizers have decided to add copyright information to their list of available
compositions. Alter the COMPOSITION table to add a new column called Copyright with a
default value ‘SOCAN’. Display all rows in the updated table (2 marks).

11. Write a query that uses the NOT EXISTS command to select any competitors who do not meet
the age restrictions for their chosen performance category (2 marks).

12. Alter the COMPETITOR table to add a CHECK constraint that all competitors must be at least 5
years old and not older than 18 (1 mark).

13. Harmony Inc. has decided to change their company name to Harmony Studio. Change this
information in the database and display results in the STUDIO table. Under the update
command, write a comment (#) to explain how this change was updated in all applicable tables
(2 marks).

14. Based on the current database state, explain the error message that results from the following
deletion statement. Answer using a comment (#) in your .sql file (1 mark).

15. All teachers must have a registered certificate number under their current name and studio
information. Any changes will require documentation to be submitted to the competition
organizers. In your file, use a comment (#) to explain how the following code addresses this
issue (1 mark).
CREATE TRIGGER Certification
SET MESSAGE_TEXT = ‘Proof of certification must be provided to the main