Assignment 3 CMSC204




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Concepts tested by this program:
New concepts tested by this program
Generic Classes
Doubly Linked List
Ordered Doubly Linked List

Your assignment is to write a generic doubly-linked list class and a generic sorted doubly-linked list class that inherits from your generic doubly-linked class. There is no additional GUI required for this assignment. Your list classes will be tested with Junit tests.

BasicDoubleLinkedList class
This generic doubly-linked list relies on a head (reference to first element of the list) and tail (reference to the last element of the list). Both are set to null when the list is empty. Both point to the same element when there is only one element in the list. A node structure has only three fields: data and the prev and next references. The class must only define the following entities: an inner class Node, an inner class that implements ListIterator (for the iterator method), head and tail references and an integer representing the list size. However only the next(), hasNext(), previous() and hasPrevious() methods of the ListIterator that you are required to implement. The rest of the methods can return can throw the UnsupportedOperationException, such as:
public void remove() throws UnsupportedOperationException{
throw new UnsupportedOperationException();}
All the entities are defined as protected so they can be accessed by the subclass. Follow the Javadoc that is provided.

SortedDoubleLinkedList class
A generic sorted doubly-linked list constructed using a provided Comparator. It extends BasicDoubleLinkedList class. Follow the Javadoc that is provided.

Exception Handling
UnsupportedOperationException – this exception is a Java library exception and will be returned by the addtoFront and addToEnd implementations of the SortedLinkedList class and by the remove method of the iterator.
NoSuchElementException – this exception is a Java library exception and will be returned by the next function within the iterator class when there are no more elements in the linked list.

Java files – The src folder with your linked lists classes, exceptions and Junit Test (.java) files
Javadoc files – The doc folder with your javadoc for student generated files
UML Class Diagram (an image, not the proprietary format, must be a .jpg)
Assignment 3 Checklist

Deliverable format: The above deliverables will be packaged as follows. Two compressed files in the following formats: [a compressed file containing the following]
Assignment 3 Checklist (filled in with YES or NO or ?)
doc [a directory] please include the entire doc folder with the javadoc for student
generated files
file1.html (example)
file2.html (example)
src [a directory] contains your linked lists classes, exceptions and Junit Test (.java) files (example) (example) (example) [a compressed file containing only the following]
contains .java file which includes the linked lists classes, exceptions and Junit Test (.java) files – NO FOLDERS!! (example) (example)

Assignment 3 Grade Sheet – Spring 2016

Name ______________________ Blackboard Date/Time:______________________

CheckList for Assignment 3 is included and completed 1 pt _____
Class documentation – Javadoc for all user created classes 5 pt _____
Class Description, @author
Method description, @param, @return
Test Cases 10 pt _____
JUnit Test Class
Implement STUDENT test for BasicDoubleLinkedListTest
and SortedDoubleLinkedTest
UML Diagram 4 pt _____
Lessons Learned 5 pt _____
In 3+ paragraphs, highlight your lessons learned and learning experience from working on this project. How did you do? What have you learned? What did you struggle with? How will you approach your next project differently?

Internal class documentation (within source code) 5 pt _____
Class description using Javadoc
Author’s Name, Class, Class Time, @author
Methods commented using Javadoc, @param, @return
Compiles and Runs without runtime errors or warnings 10 pts _____
Public tests – JUnit test given to you 6 pts _____
Your JUnit Tests – STUDENT test for BasicDoubleLinkedListTest
and SortedDoubleLinkedTest 4 pts _____
Private tests – other tests run by the instructor 10 pts _____
Program Detail
BasicDoubleLinkedListStudent 20 points
Implements all methods of BasicDoubleLinkedList
addToEnd, addToFront 3 pt _____
getFirst, getLast 2 pt _____
getSize 1 pt _____
iterator -inner class implements ListIterator 5 pt _____
remove 3 pt _____
retrieveFirstElement, retrieveLastElement 3 pt _____
toArray 3 pt _____
SortedDoubleLinkedList 12 points
Implements all methods of the SortedDoubleLinkedList
add 8 pt _____
addToEnd, addToFront throw exceptions 2 pt _____
iterator – uses superclass iterator method 2 pt _____

Exception handling 8 pt _____

Total 100 pt _____