Assignment 1 CSCI 5410 static webhosting


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The primary objective of this assignment is to introduce you to the cloud computing platform
by using a static webhosting in S3 and perform a cloud computing literature review.
Plagiarism Policy:
• This assignment is an individual task. Collaboration of any type amounts to a
violation of the academic integrity policy and will be reported to the AIO.
• Content cannot be copied verbatim from any source(s). Please understand the
concept and write in your own words. In addition, cite the actual source. Failing to
do so will be considered as plagiarism and/or cheating.
• The Dalhousie Academic Integrity policy applies to all material submitted as part of
this course. Please understand the policy, which is available at:

Assignment Rubric – based on the discussion board rubric (McKinney, 2018) Excellent (25%) Proficient (15%) Marginal (5%) Unacceptable (0%) Problem # where
All required tasks
are completed
highlights tasks
However, missed
some tasks in
between, which
created a
Some tasks are
completed, which
are disjoint in
Incorrect and
Part A
Part B
Correctness All parts of the
given tasks are
Most of the given
tasks are correct
However, some
portions need minor
Most of the given
tasks are incorrect.
The submission
requires major
Incorrect and
Part A
Part B
Novelty The submission
contains novel
contribution in key
segments, which is
a clear indication
The submission
lacks novel
contributions. There
are some evidence of
The submission
does not contain
However, there is
There is no novelty Part A
Part B
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Summer 2023
of application
novelty, however, it
is not significant
an evidence of
some effort.
Clarity The written or
materials, and
provide a clear
picture of the
concept and
highlights the
The written or
graphical materials,
and developed
applications do not
show clear picture of
the concept. There is
room for
The written or
graphical materials,
and developed
applications fail to
prove the clarity.
knowledge is
Failed to prove the
clarity. Need proper
knowledge to perform
the tasks.
Part A
Part B

McKinney, B. (2018). The impact of program-wide discussion board grading rubrics on students’ and faculty satisfaction. Online
Learning, 22(2), 289-299.
This assignment has two parts. Part A has a reading task, and part B has a small programming
Part A.Read the following paper and write a summary (visit IEEE from
P. Vahidinia, B. Farahani and F. S. Aliee, “Mitigating Cold Start Problem in Serverless Computing:
A Reinforcement Learning Approach,” in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, doi:
• It can be approximately 1-page summary and must be written in your own words.
Your in-depth review of the paper is expected.
• There should be inline citations in an acceptable format.
• The summary should include – (a) what the authors have presented in the paper,
(b) if any specific issue is addressed, (c) if any experiments or studies performed,
(d) analysis or findings made by the authors.
Part A – Submission requirement: A pdf file with the summary
Part B.AWS S3 experiment:
Using AWS Academy account, perform the following:
take screenshots at every step and document your work in bullet points or paragraphs:
a. Create an index.html file in your computer and add your profile information as the
content of the page. The file should contain
• Your full name
• Your banner number
• Your email
• A declaration – “This assignment is my own work; I did not take help from
This content is protected and may not be shared, uploaded, or distributed
Summer 2023
b. Explore AWS SDK for Java – and write a Java program using the SDK specification
for creating a S3 bucket.
c. Using Java program or method, upload the index.html file from your computer to
the S3 bucket you created.
d. Once the file is uploaded on S3 bucket, enable hosting, and change the policy of
your S3 bucket for hosting the static webpage that you have uploaded.
e. Create a flowchart or write paragraph on the operations that you have performed.
f. You need to take screenshots for every step and provide numbering/captions for
the screenshots.
g. Submit the Java code as in Gitlab, and in addition, include the code in the PDF
h. Include citations for the manual you read or tools you refer.
Part B – Submission requirement: A pdf file with the (i) a flowchart of operations (ii) a
paragraph on your overall observation of the Java SDK, (iii) screenshots of the S3 buckets
and operations (capture all steps) (iv) copy-paste the program script in the pdf. (In addition,
submit the source in gitlab)