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In this assignment you will setup a development environment that will allow you to run a client and a server app on different IP addresses using a single
physical computer. We will accomplish this using a virtualized environment application called ‘VMWare Player’. After you have setup your virtual machine
(VM) you will create a network connection between your physical computer and the VM using the supplied Python applications. Finally, you will ‘capture’ the
connection using Wireshark.
Part A – Client and Server on Same IP Address
1. Setup your virtual machine by following the steps in this document.
2. Open terminal (ctrl+alt+T) and find out your IP Address
Command Exampleifconfig
You should see something similar to this:
We want the non­loopback IP address, in this case it is
3. Modify both and by entering your IP Address for the variable TCP_IP.
4. Run on your virtual machine.
Command Examplepython3
5. Open a second terminal instance and run
Command Example ­
6. Take a screen capture, which should look similar to this:
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You must clearly show that you ran both the client and the server app and had them successfully connect.
Part B – Client and Server on Different IP Address
1. Run on your VM
2. Open terminal on your physical machine (or a second VM).
3. Run on your physical machine (or a second VM).
4. Take a screen capture, which should look similar to this:
Notice that the Client Address is different than the Server Address, you must have different IP addresses to receive credit for this section.
Part C – Capture with Wireshark
1. Download and install Wireshark.
2. Start a Wireshark capture making sure to select the right network adapter. You will want to use the Ethernet adapter with your client IP address. By
hovering each adapter you will see the IP address associated with it. Below is an example:
3. Run on your VM
4. Open terminal on your physical machine (or a second VM).
5. Run on your physical machine (or a second VM).
6. Make sure they connected successfully and stop the Wireshark capture.
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7. Take a screenshot of Wireshark showing the connection that occurred between the Server and the Client which should look similar to this:
You can see the traffic between the IP addresses we saw in Part B. Don’t worry about all the info you see in here, just make sure you include at least
one line showing the connection between the two IP Addresses in your screen capture (Iine highlighted in red).
What to Submit
You will be submitting three screen captures showing your results for Part A, B, and C.
100 points Total
50 points Successful connection on single IP address
40 points Successful connection between two different IP addresses
10 points Successful use of Wireshark to capture connection
Assignment Text
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